Values Card Deck


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Values Card Deck

Values can be defined as ideas or beliefs that a person considers to be desirable or undesirable.  Common desirable traits include the core values thet Maggie uses in her “BE List”- love, respect, honesty, courage, and wisdom.

The deck can be used to teach children about values. As well, the Seven Grandfather Teachings that are mentioned in the book are included in this card deck  They include: love, respect, honesty, truth, bravery, wisdom and humility.

There are hundreds of desirable values.  For the purpose of this deck, I have included 43 common values and left one card blank so that you can include on of your own.  I believe in the importance of developing self awareness.  This can be done through focusing on positive values on a daily basis so that they become habitual.


Pull one card a day and practise that value.

Have a family/class meeting and go through a few values.

Randomly hand out cards to children / students

Journal about the chosen card

Meditate about the chosen card

Carry the card with you throughout the day

Have a difficult conversation about specific values

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